Some more WipEout fanart

Now I am starting to feel like I’m doing nothing but shameless self promotion via fan-art, so I’ll get to showing what others have been up to soon as I can.

In the meantime, some pieces old, some recent.

To anyone who stops by, hope you enjoy.

Till then.

An interpretation of the F3600 Feisar by ThreeDmaniak, colored by me. I also again a nod to Ridge Racer…may do an inverse sooner than later.

We’ll see. Hope this is an acceptable post.

I’m surprised this hasn’t been brought up since it’s a direct Video feed of WipEout 2048. This user giving an overview of the various modes in the game.

I say give it a watch :)

And here’s hoping said user will be able to post more stuff sooner than later.

I apologize for the lack of new posts in the last several months.

You know, I thought the Cherno Alpha pilots from Pacific Rim looked sorta familiar…

The AG systems craft from the F3600 (WipEout), drawn by ThreeDmaniak, colored by me, something I’d like to show here. Hope to all whom see it, like it.

Nice work!

“Ah, well it is not for profit, though I do want to give credit where it's due. With that in mind, hanks for replying, and well, I'll hopefully have it up sooner than later. How would I be able to show a link on Tumblr if you're not a user? - Rossriders”

I believe our blog takes anonymous submissions. Just add /submit to the blog’s URL and upload your finished work as an image.

As far as credit goes, the Daniel Chang logo from WipEout, as was the game’s graphic design overall, was by the now-defunct Designer’s Republic.

“Hello, I'm something of an artist who works on Fan-art when I can on a few games, WipEout being a recent thing I've been working at for a while, be it my own fan-art or coloring other people's fanart (With their permission). The question in mind is this, would it be okay to use the higher resolution daniel chang logo in a project I'm currently working on? (along with the other original F3600 pilots as well) I'd elabroate but tumblr dosen't give me much room, Thank you for answering, Rossriders”

If it’s a not-for-profit project, it should be okay.


wow now I’m really sad that there’s not going to be another WipEout for a while.

everyone go check this shit out though.

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